Pillar candle with a text message.

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This decorative large pillar candle with a text message is a candle 100% handmade in the UK.


‘(…)Getting started can be the hardest. There’s always a sense that a letter should make proper sense from the start and sets the scene, but some of the best letters are those that are written from the heart. Don’t worry about what paper or pen to use – choose any. It really is a case of “Just go for it!”. Write to a friend or relative, someone who couldn’t care less where your waffle started if it’s been a while since you wrote a letter and you’re a bit worried. But most importantly just keep it real. (…)’.
The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society.

Find out more about writing letters here and surprise your receiver with your handwritten letter on the candle.

You can purchase this candle as it is with our text – be our guest ♥ but the letter to a mother on this candle in the picture is only an example.
We always recommend to write your own letter straight from your heart and send us the email enquiry@floralflames.co.uk
The number of letters is estimated and can be up to around 1275.

Please respect the copyright and don’t send us texts which don’t belong to you. We are not taking responsibility for breaking copyrights however these days we can put text into the browser, check and, in the case of not clear information, ask you about it.
The order will be on hold as long as you will decide to respond to us with your statement about the copyright to this text.
After a year with no response, we will send your money to the charity.

This decorative pillar candle is a part of the ‘Forget-Me-Not Wishes’ collection (here).

When following instructions, it will burn for over 60hrs and the picture will stay intact. Therefore, after burning, you can add a tea light candle WITHOUT the metal container and now have a beautiful lantern.

It is an unscented (more friendly for allergics), indoor candle.
The pillar candle is approximately 12cm high, 11cm in diameter and net weighs 1,1 – 1,2 kg.
It is made from high-quality paraffin, stearic acid and the highest quality, ISO certified, original WEDO wicks.

Each pillar candle is packaged in a branded cardboard box (ready gift box with a white tissue), along with a ‘Certificate of Originality’ and burning instructions.
The time of completing an order is 3-5 working days (not including delivery).

See more in Gallery (link).

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 15.5 cm

Forget-Me-Not Wishes


Paraffin wax, Stearic acid, WEDO wicks


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