‘Forget-Me-Not Wishes’ candle collection is our joint work. You choosing a general design in our shop and sending me your own one photo/ two photos and then all dirt work belongs to us 😉 Seriously 😀 And this is constantly growing, the largest collection and at the same time the most mysterious one because of very personal images.
But fortunately, lots of customers are ok with sharing the pictures with you.
I have noticed 3 different types of chosen images – memorials, family & friends, and favourite places. How does it work? Pretty much easy…

Choose the item you wish to purchase (e.g. candle or round ornament) first. On the product page, below the price, you’ll find two upload options: for picture no. 1 and picture no. 2
You need to upload up to 2, high-quality pictures (as good as it is possible) add an item to the basket, and follow instructions to finish the transaction.

We will check the quality of your picture and if the picture will be very low quality or very small in size then we will contact you via your email address to ask for a different picture.
If it will be impossible to you to send another picture then unfortunately we will have to terminate the order and return your money back to your account.

Large pillar candle of this collection
Big lanterns of this collection
Round wax wall decoration in this collection.
Small wax decorations in this collection
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