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The memorial photo lantern is 100% handmade in the UK.


There comes a time in life when we watch our friends lose the ones they love. We are very sorry for their loss, so we want to somehow cheer them up and support them through their hardships, but we don’t always know-how. Sometimes we think that providing any kind of support is impossible.

Nevertheless, no matter what stage of grief your friend is in, she’d definitely at least want to keep a picture of her loved one, as a memory of them to keep for as long as possible.

By giving her a memorial photo lantern, you’re showing her that you understand her pain, even if you don’t know it yourself. It tells her: ‘I’m here to support you if you need me’.
A picture of their loved one paired with a gentle flame will slightly ease her pain and remind her of the amazing times she had with that person.

The photo lantern has one big picture, a heart-shaped window to symbolize that love and quote or dedication.

There are two more versions of the memorial lantern:
-lantern with two photos + a heart-shaped window + quote;
-lantern with two photos + a heart-shaped window & a small photo inside of the lantern + quote.
In all versions, you can choose the basic colour of embroidery thread –  please state just simple colour e.g. blue, navy, green, red etc

”Grief is the price we pay for love” said Queen Elizabeth II.
This one and more grief inspirational quotes you will find here. Find words for a memorial lantern to soothe a broken heart even a little bit.

This photo lantern is a part of the ‘Forget-Me-Not Wishes’ collection (here).

When commissions are placed, we always ask our customers to give us as high-quality of an image as is possible, this is because when we want to print an image, sometimes what comes out is a very, very small-sized print. And a lantern, with a height of 13cm and a similar diameter, would look weird with a 3×3 cm print, don’t you think? 😀

However, if a picture has a decent print size but the quality is not perfect, that’s a completely different story.
Sometimes that’s all that we’ve got… A little blurred, maybe faded, old picture. Does it matter if others can’t see the proper high-quality picture if it is a real treasure for you?
Our lovely customers trusted us with their sentimental photos. The surprising thing for us was when some of the photos were real, not digital and we felt special, caring for such a treasure.

The photo lantern is approximately 13 cm high and +/- 13 cm in diameter (tea light candle and glass holder included). If any of you can’t be present all the time during the burning of the tea light candle inside your lantern or have children or pets and it is impossible to keep the flame out of their reach, you can use battery operated led lights (not included).
I also suggest using led lights if you are afraid to light a flame in your home, in fear of a potential fire hazard.

Each photo lantern is packaged in a branded cardboard box (ready gift box with a white tissue), along with a ‘Certificate of Originality’ and burning instructions/warning labels.
Weight net ~420-480g

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 15.5 cm

Forget-Me-Not Wishes


Paraffin wax, Stearic acid, WEDO wicks


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