Small shaped candles

Small, heart-shaped candles are pretty, and although they’re not very big, they will be noticed. Hand-crafted and hand-painted with coloured wax; the ingredient for a completely unique gift – this technique is only for those who are very patient. Making these candles is reminiscent of writing with a goose feather; frequently putting the feather into ink; 2- or 3times max.
Whether in a heart or cube shape, this candle brightens evening visits/hangouts, even those that you indulge with yourself, a book, or a brilliant series.
Size: These candles are around 8cm high and 8cm in diameter and weigh 110g each. They are unscented, paraffin and indoor candles.
They’re sold in sets of 3, but every candle is individually wrapped in tissue paper and each come with general warnings. For this moment there are available 4 different coloured sets: red, blue, grey, and mixed.
They are such a lovely option for a petit gift; a simple addition to a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. A small gesture that utters a “Thank you.” Or whispers a “I haven’t forgotten about you.”
To read more about how to maintain a small-shaped candle and fully enjoy it, read the safety tips in the general information here.

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