Hi all, today I will guide you through our packaging for Floral Flames, and what you should expect when receiving a product.

Our packaging is a compromise between security; making sure that the package will arrive safely at its destination, and beauty; making sure that it feels like unwrapping a gift. We are trying to make the packaging great quality, in a way that it will generate as little non-recyclable waste as possible, as well as, in a way that makes them reusable.

Ways our products are good for the environment:

*We collect various types of bubble wrap that we got from our previous deliveries and we reuse them when packaging our products to send to you.

*The fillers and wraps in our packaging are absolutely necessary to protect the products from cracks and scratches. We use ones that are made from recyclable paper and acid-free tissue, which is compostable.

So, we’re quite big on recycling and reusing and are still taking steps to try to improve further. But something that you can do is possibly reuse various elements of our packaging for your own future purposes. We highly encourage you to do this.

What are the types of packaging you’ll find? Well, there are two different types of packaging, that depend on the size of the product.
Large products like Candles and Lanterns are wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a branded cardboard box.
Products made on commission order have padding and are wrapped with white tissue along with either a white organza or a silver/gold florist net.

Smaller products like wax magnets and ornaments are put in envelopes lined with bubble wrap to keep the product secure.

What will you find along with your purchased personalised product (*commission order only) in the packaging?
You will find a ‘to and from’ dedication*. A tiny envelope with a personal message*.
Burning instructions. A warning label on every product. A certificate of Originality (all-in-one). Our business card.


I'll tell you a true story from my visit to a local post office.
I spent a while wrapping a product to be sent: I added fillers, put the product in a water-proof envelope before putting it in a box, I taped the box with safety tape and added two 'fragile' stickers to the box.

Now, the lady at the post office takes the package and throws it like 1.5 meters behind her to a sack at the end of the room. I was shocked and once I told her that it is important for the product to arrive undamaged, she said that it is my responsibility to wrap the product well if I want it to arrive undamaged. 

My, my, I guess I learned my lesson: never trust that people will care if the package is 'fragile'. 😁
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