Floral Flames is a small and local family business (reg.no. UTR 9500269654).
    We make indoor unscented candles, wax lanterns, and wax decorations.
    We also provide distance and online selling for these products, with possible repair services for accidental damages or damages caused by not following the given instructions.
    We are a ‘Mother & Daughter’ team.

    My name is Kat Bujak, I am the founder and owner of ‘Floral Flames Art Candles & Lanterns.
    My daughter’s name is Karolina, and she is the copywriter and editor of Floral Flames.

    In these Terms & Conditions (T&C): ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ refers to ‘Floral Flames’ and ‘you’, ‘your’, and ‘customer’ refers to the person using our site to buy handmade goods from us; ‘our site’ refers to:
    • website: https://floralflames.co.uk/;
    • Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FloralFlames/
    (Including Messenger);
    • Facebook groups which belong to the Floral Flames profile
    (if applicable);
    • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/floralflames.candles/;
    • Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/floralflamescandles/;
    • Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/FloralFlamesCandles

    If you don’t understand something from the Terms & Conditions and want to talk to us to clear any doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email: enquiry@floralflames.co.uk, telephone: 07476 003 261
    (Mon:12pm-5 pm or Tue-Sat: 9 am-6 pm) or by Facebook Messenger (we will respond as fast as possible).

    Please carefully read the following Terms & Conditions before you buy anything on our site and double-check that the products contain everything that you want and nothing that you are not willing to agree to.
    A personal copy of the Terms and Conditions can be sent to you if you direct message us and request one.

    We have the right to amend our Terms and Conditions. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive an email with all the updates and more.
    *We have temporarily suspended our newsletter, so you’ll only be notified by email if you have a registered account on our website.
    You have the right to disagree with the said amendments, unsubscribe to the newsletter, cancel any purchases and/or delete your account.
    *We have temporarily suspended our newsletter.



    If you buy goods on our sites, you agree to be legally bound by these T&Cs and any documents referred to in them.
    You may only buy goods from our sites for non-business reasons.
    The T&Cs are only available in English. No other languages will apply to the T&Cs.

    We don’t accept any form of anti-social behaviour on our sites.
    All use of our website must be lawful and not injurious to any third party.
    All offensive, insulting, and rude comments (incl. racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs) will be reported and removed from our sites, and profiles will be blocked.

    Actions that are not permitted on our sites:
    -breaking into user accounts or using malware against our site;
    -posting any links, to other sites for example, in your comments or feedback, posting any pictures without our permission;
    -copying any of the content or images contained within our web pages for commercial purposes without our written consent;
    -copying, editing, changing, and removing watermarks from our pictures or disseminating under a different brand than Floral Flames;
    -using our website in any way that undermines the credibility of Floral Flames or harms it in any way.

    If you are not sure what actions are allowed (except purchasing items, reading articles, making comments, giving feedback, or adding likes/dislikes etc) on posts, please ask or take no action.


    We make indoor candles, wax lanterns, and wax decorations.
    These products are 100% handmade and most of them are made with:
    • 85% high-quality paraffin wax, with an oil content of 0.5% or less (some products up to 1%),
    and 12-15% of stearic acid.
    • or 100% high-quality paraffin wax (oil content 0.5%);
    • or 100% of soy wax.
    • or a blend of soy wax and paraffin wax.
    • and best quality WEDO wicks certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008 (candles)

    Due to the use of different monitors and light effects, the actual colour of the item might be slightly different from the colour seen in the picture.
    Because of the nature of handmade goods, the given size is approximate and may vary by 1-1.5 cm. Each product must be used according to its purpose and to the warning label that is attached to every product.
    The time of burning is the specified ‘maximum time of a single burning’ written on the warning label, provided with every purchase of our candles.
    You can check out all the warning labels here if you happen to misplace or lose the copy we gave you with your purchase.


    On our website shop, you will find gift vouchers with the values of £10, £15, and £20.
    They all are virtual products which will be sent only to your email, with a unique number and the expiry date (exactly 1 year after the purchase) after the email that confirms your full payment.
    This card can be used for a partial or full purchase, and the remaining balance will stay until the next purchase or when it expires.
    If a product is more expensive than the specific value of the gift card, a card owner can pay the balance.
    If the value of the voucher is sufficient, it may also cover the shipping costs of the selected product.
    The value of the card (all or part) cannot be withdrawn in cash.


    A gift card can be valued at £15, £20, and £25 and can be psychically purchased at one of the local markets we attend or on our website.
    This is a physical product (handcrafted branded cardboard card) with a unique number and an expiration date (1 year from purchase).
    The gift card can be used on our website shop or at local markets we attend.
    This is a bearer card, which means whoever shows a gift card can use it.
    To use the gift card, the receiver must tear off a glue strip to reveal the unique code and apply it at the checkout on our website or give it to us when purchasing an item at a local market.
    This card can be used for a partial or full purchase while the remaining balance stays until the next purchase or when it expires.
    If a product is more expensive than the specific value of the gift card, a card owner can pay the balance.
    If the value of the Gift Card is sufficient, it may also cover the shipping costs of the selected product.
    The value of the card (all or part) cannot be withdrawn in cash.
    It can’t be used to purchase other gift cards or any of our vouchers.
    We are not responsible if the card is damaged or lost.


    On our website shop, you will also find complementary products available for purchase, to the main products made by us, that can be used alongside them e.g. long matches, or lighters (random colours).


    This is a local ‘DROP-COLLECT’ service unless the buyer will cover the cost of the postage (return and outgoing) along with the cost of the repair service and the estimated cost of repairing first.
    This service is only possible for products made by Floral Flames, that are accidentally damaged or were incorrectly used.
    The repair service depends on the level of damage, and it is available after the agreement of both sides, like the collection of the product or charges for the repair.

    The repair service includes:
    -refilling larger candles (1-2 kg) up to 3/4 of the candle;
    -repairing cracks on the outside of accidentally broken large candles and securing them;
    -painting naturally faded dry flowers with coloured wax and more (please ask).
    Some of the serious (but possibly to repair) damages may require prepayment (after confirmed agreement).

    An order of repair services must be sent via email to candles@floralflames.co.uk and have your name, address, email address, mobile number, receipt (or other payment confirmation), a description of the problem and a picture of the damaged product (if possible).
    We will send you a summary of your order with the order number, the cost of service and Bank details.
    The cost of service can be paid via Bank Transfer if the repaired item is sent back via mail service or cash/card on the day of the scheduled collection.
    Unpaid services result in no goods being released until the payment for the repair services is made.


    Currently, we are only selling within the UK.
    You can buy our products by either purchasing:
    -on our FLORAL FLAMES website shop (1);
    -via Facebook Page / Instagram account (2)
    -visiting local markets that we attend (3).
    -in our shop on Etsy ‘FloralFlamesCandles’ (4)

    (1) On our website shop, use the ‘add to basket’ button and follow the next instructions.
    Creating your account is not mandatory to make a purchase and you can do it as a guest. However, having your account has lots of benefits e.g. you can view your purchase history and you can have occasional discounts.
    Your order will be processed after the full payment is credited to our account.
    If you’ve made a mistake in your order please contact us immediately to correct made errors as fast as possible.
    You can do this by:
    -filling out a contact form on our website (here);
    -emailing us at enquiry@floralflames.co.uk;
    -a phone call or text message 07476 003 261;
    -sending us a message on What’s App
    and please give us as much information as you can when doing this (e.g. your name, order no, etc. ).

    Once the order is placed, you will receive 2 emails: the first with a confirmation that the order you have placed has been acknowledged, and a second with the confirmation of full payment and a confirmation that the order is now in the process of realization.

    (2) Via our Facebook Page/Instagram account: scan the barcode on the cover or click the link in our bio, and you will be redirected to the ‘handy links’ page first, then click the shop button.

    Depending on availability and the level of difficulty, the realisation of an order may take from 3 to 14 business days from the date of purchase (this does not include the time of delivery), but if you need a product for a special date, do not hesitate to contact us and ask whether a faster completion is possible.
    Be aware that during the pre-Christmas time, the time of waiting maybe even longer.

    (3) Information about the next upcoming market can be found on our website (click here).
    Alternatively, you can personally ask us about the dates by sending us a message (Facebook, Messenger, email) or subscribe to our newsletter to be up to date*
    (*temporarily suspended – sorry for the inconvenience).
    (4) In our Etsy shop please visit:
    https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/FloralFlamesCandles and follow instructions.


    Special orders that include personal messages like names, dates, and images along with orders with many personalised items, have an individual price, delivery time, payment, and refund policy.

    If necessary, please ask for further details by contacting us through one of the options given above.
    If you order one product, we assume you have the right to use the photograph. However, if the Commission includes more than one product, we require a statement from you to accompany the images to state that you are the owner of said images/photos.
    E.g. ‘I am the owner of the following pictures/images.’ We will ask you about this in the message.

    By sending the picture, you agree that it is edited, if necessary, to make essential corrections e.g. removing the background to light up or sharpen the image.
    Making commission orders means that you have agreed for us to use your photo as the image of your commission order (only).

    We have the right to refuse orders with obscene/offensive pictures, messages, or pictures of which you are not the owner (multiply commission order if no accompanying statement is provided with the image).

    If the order is refused, the payment made for the order will be refunded but, in the amount, reduced by the payment card service fee.
    Commission orders with personal messages; names, dates, images/pictures, or large orders of personalised items need to be paid in full and this will be non-refundable if cancelled/returned by the buyer (‘bespoke or made to measure’ items – Consumer Rights 2015).

    If the pictures require corrections, we will send you a message with the details and ask for your approval.
    Your order will be processed after the full payment is credited to our account.

    Under Consumer Rights 2015, ‘bespoke or made to measure’ items are not refundable unless faulty.
    After paying for the order you should receive an email with the information of both the confirmation of payment and that the order is in the process of realization. If you do not receive any confirmation emails, especially a confirmation of payment, contact us immediately.


    Prices do not include VAT, as Floral Flames – Art Candles & Lanterns is not a VAT-registered company.

    If you’re purchasing using our FLORAL FLAMES website shop, we accept payments by credit/debit cards (Stripe), PayPal and Bank Transfer – follow the displayed instructions;

    At local markets, we accept payments by cash or credit/debit cards via the Zettle terminal (PayPal family), on the day. Please note, that we can’t guarantee a proper internet connection and sometimes card payments cannot be taken.

    If you’re purchasing using our Etsy shop, we accept payments by credit/debit cards following the displayed instructions. You’ll then receive a confirmation of your order in the email you have given.

    Cash payment receipts are available on your demand.
    Receipts from credit/debit card payments will be sent on your demand to your email, or as a text message to your mobile phone immediately after typing the correct email address or mobile phone number on our terminal.
    Along with a summary of your order, and your exact payment, you will get all the essential information: like the account number and sort code, allowing you to make the payment.
    The order no. is the reference no. used to complete the Bank Transfer.
    Please keep the bank transfer as a confirmation of payment. This will be proof of your purchase.

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