Including the forbidden actions above, we are doing everything that we can to reduce illegal harm with compliance to the OSA, therefore maintaining your safety while using our website.
We don’t accept any form of anti-social behaviour on our sites.
All use of our website must be lawful and not injurious to any third party.
All offensive, insulting, and rude comments (incl. racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs) will be reported and removed from our sites, and profiles will be blocked.
How we’ll regulate illegal harms :
• No under 18 subscriptions to our website.
• Only verified, logged-in, users will be able to comment/make reviews on our website.
• We will immediately delete any harmful content.
• You can report any harmful activity to us via, which will then be deleted.
• You are also able to send a complaint to if you believe your comment/review has been unjustly removed.
• Additionally you maintain to have the freedom of expressing opinions regarding our products and services, and a right of privacy.

If you are not sure what actions are allowed (except purchasing items, reading articles, making comments, giving feedback, or adding likes/dislikes etc) on posts, please ask or take no action.

Here, we describe recent changes to the Regulations and other policies. We have marked them in green. The changes mainly concern the introduction of the Online Safety Act, the need to clarify previous arrangements and correct previous linguistic errors.

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