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Floral Flames is a family, local, business that was established in 2016 as a result of a fast-growing passion for making candles and a need for lawful access to selling handmade goods. Attending dozens of local markets and hundreds of happy customers allowed us to gain experience in a wide range of different forms of communication, including face-to-face contact and responding to personal expectations.
We primarily assumed that this was to be a self-sufficient hobby but, in 2019 when this goal was accomplished, some decisions about growing this business had to be made. Since that time, Floral Flames started to be visibly regular on some social media, handmade-selling platforms, and generally online at its own pace.

That was an official and a little boring version. I am not gonna lie, the real-life version was much more exciting.
One day I just saw an article about candles from around the world and, you know, something just clicked. I HAD TO try to make one. And another one after. It was like falling in love. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, and I was thinking only about … how to get the effect I want.
I spoke with one candle creator and she said that I should find my way of making candles, and she loved my ‘handkerchief’ story which you’ll find here.

Oh, and it was never about a scent but about THE LIGHT, more specifically it was always about how and what designs can be lit up by the flame which comes from behind. Ok, it was also about playing with hot wax with our fingers.
How are meaning and sentimental values included?

We are trying to encourage people TO FEEL what they know about their receivers first and then communicate their emotions with a gift.
Time is one of the most precious things people have because when it’s gone it’s gone. Giving your time towards thinking about your receiver, trying to feel that relationship – that time spent together, or showing that we know what is important, what touches our friends or our family, is something very special.
With our candles, you can show all of these precious memories and feelings on many levels of personalization. You can take the little things you know for example what she likes, understanding her losses, the thing you love about her the most, and turn them into a candle with a personal letter to them, a candle with a picture of you both in the ‘old times’, or a candle with a photo of their beloved furry friend.

You probably already know that pictures we see every day can help us handle our grief and sadness. It gives us the feeling that it wasn’t the end. Framing it with something, not obvious but unusual like a candle or lantern, can help in a new way. As the light illuminates the photo back to life, it also lights up dark minds and warms the heart.
A burning candle is like a daily very personal ritual of saying ‘I remember, thank you’. It’s the time when you can feel like a guardian of that flame. Almost like a vestal, who cultivated the sacred fire that was not allowed to go out (do not follow this ‘something-not-Encyclopaedia’).

Warmly Welcome

The Team.

About our team

Hello my friend
My name is Kat Bujak, I am the founder and owner of the FLORAL FLAMES brand.
I make candles and lanterns from scratch, with high-quality components. I decorate them with images, engravings, and unusual elements like feathers, felts, crotchets, beads, and more, all by hand.
Because, these times, most of us already know about the benefits of creativity for mental health; I encourage people to use their imagination and be creative every single day to keep their mental health in very good condition. Using already available tools, and unexpected but safe methods to accomplish their goals.
While being creative, it’s good to practice being grateful: for who you are, for who you aren’t, for the people you meet throughout your life, and for the little wonders in your life.
Then, with this gratitude, one can create something extraordinary.
Kat. X


Hey 😊
I’m Karolina.
I am the editor of Floral Flames as well as an occasional copywriter, I also dabble in helping with decision-making while designing new products.
Something about me: I love getting a fresh bouquet of flowers, I annoy my cats by constantly taking pictures of them, my favourite thing is reading a book that makes the world feel a little bigger, oh, and I really like candles.
Some of my favourite products we’ve made include scented heart ornaments, our flower felt candles, and lanterns with crochet doilies.
If you’re curious, why not check them out 😉

Our key to happiness.
The Team.
Our key to happiness.
The Team.
Making photos.
The Team.
Our key to happiness.
FF team

If it is possible to work outdoors, we won’t miss it. Our key to the happiness ♡

Let’s not forget about our unofficial little “helpers”. Meet Diego, Tulula & Magnus
Meanwhile, Diego is a perfect cat model, Tulula seems to prefer IT development, and Magnus is a talented singer.

Cat in the garden
"Little helpers" meet Diego male cat
Laptop and cat's paw
Cat sitting on a fence.
Diego & Magnus.

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