Check what kind of collections we offer and tell us which one amazed you the most.
There are seven big collections and a small one for this moment.
If you want to find out more about each of them, just click on the picture with the name.
Do you like their names? We love them very much.
We hope not to disappoint you, even opposite, we are going to amaze you so much
that you will be our loyal fan at the end of the day.
Take a seat with a mug of delicious coffee or tea and be our guest, have a lovely time.
We warmly welcome you.

‘Blissful Greenery’ – the name of this candle collection expresses our love for every single flower, leaf and blade of grass. It is not a coincidence that ‘Floral Flames’ is floral. If you love ‘everything’ floral, check out this collection,
it may be tailored to you.

You choose a general design in our shop and send me your own one photo/ two photos and then all dirt work belongs to us.
And this is constantly growing, the largest collection and at the same time the most mysterious one because of its very personal images.

The name of the collection was inspired by animal totems.
E.g. my personal animal totem is Wolf; according to some sources, the wolf is the teacher. It teaches you to keep the balance; be loyal and independent.
Take a look. Which of the animals is calling you?

This name describes the gentle presents (flutter) of our small flying friends in our world, even though their wings are not small at all.
If you, like us, can’t imagine this world without them, invite one to your cosy home.

Did you know that dozen people describe the same thing, e.g. a place they visited, in a completely different way? It’s because of our perception and individual point of view. Which view amaze you? Cottage, a mountain lake or maybe a gold sand beach. There will be more views ready for the new home.

So tiny but they are also the largest group of animal phyla. And we need them a lot! Even flies – yes, I know, it’s unbelievable but still.
There is no product with a fly, sorry. Unless you’ll make a commission.
You will, however, find cute ladybirds, beautiful butterflies and even more.

To honour all amazing friends this collection is all about friendship, inspired by the quote
‘Friends are like quiet angels that lift us when our wings forget how to fly
(‘Little Prince’ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).
This gift is a sign of friendship and tells your friend; ‘if you forget how to fly, I’ll be right here by your side’. A gift that shows her she is being watched over and isn’t alone. 

Each candle is a beautiful piece of home decor during daylight and in the evening, each one will help you to create a peaceful and relaxing time after a very long day, and any of the candles placed on the table will make every dinner special.

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