What can we promise you about sentimental candles and lanterns?

Such a gift will ignite a new flame from the memories
only the two of you share…

Candle commission orders

The perfect gift?

Personalised, handmade goods communicate care and create positive memories,
allowing you to be remembered as it stands out from others.

Services for ALL-WHO-CARE

Let me inspire you and help you find the perfect,
sentimental candles or lanterns,
gifts for every occasion!

…or maybe just spoil yourself a little…


Candles are truly magical!

There are all five elements.
Solid wax represents Earth, smoke or scents represent Air,
the flame represents Fire, liquid wax represents Water
and your intention represents Spirit.

From The Heart.
From The Heart.
Where the magic happens.
Where The Magic Happens.
Something To Read.
Tips & Care
Tips & Care.
Local markets.
Local Markets.

”Thank you Kat for my gorgeous crocheted wax lantern!
It far exceeded my expectations and I love how the three crochet pieces are different designs;
it goes perfectly on a shelf in front of my plants and photos of my daughter

– a spot that needed THE perfect lantern for a cosy, hygge feel at night!
So beautifully made and very unique”.


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