Gift set Bears – make one.

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‘(…) The research raises two scenarios. Either “native bears” went extinct around the early Middle Ages, or they disappeared some 3,000 years ago in the Bronze Age or in Neolithic times.
Live bears were also imported by the Romans for fighting or displays. (…)’.

Read more about bears in the UK  here and surprise your receiver with your knowledge.

Each product has a beautiful picture of a mama bear and her cub, an instance when the independent mammal lives with a companion, not including regions where they congregate of course.
A mama bear would usually nurse her cubs for up to three years before they become self-dependent. This collection can symbolize gratefulness to your mum for how hard she worked to take care of you and teach you all about the big world, which seemed a little scary at first.

All products of this gift set are 100% handmade in the UK.


The gift set ‘Bears’ which you can create will be a really nice gift which lets you stand out from others.
You can add or remove items to get the perfect set. The set is just tailored to your needs.
All listed products have their own description. Just click on the product link to find out more.

More gift set you will find here.

Whatever gift set you’ll finally get, know that it will be packed into one or more gift boxes, depending on capacity.
If there is more than one gift box then they’ll be packaged in one collective box ready to send.

You can also add the dedication ‘to & from’ which will be placed on all of the set’s items or add a note with greetings to the box.

Wild Spirits


Paraffin wax, Stearic acid, WEDO wicks


customised set




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