Pillar festive candle with drawings – badger, fox, bear.

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To celebrate this festive season, we created these cheerful, sleepy animal festive candles, that will bring a cosy, joyful vibe into your homes. They are made by transferring our hand-drawn creatures and branches using heat.
It is a wonderful gift for a friend or family member to share some festive joy with, in time for them to decorate their homes with a little reminder of your love before Christmas. They are minimal but still bring a sense of cosiness and a feeling of home into any room.

Lovely sleepy woodland creatures curled warmly between garlands and branches. An incredible gift for someone dear to you whom you want to share some festive joy with this Christmas. It is a way to show how much you care about them, while the ornament will brighten up their rooms with joy and some festive cheer. Plus, they have an amazing Christmas scent!
Are they sleeping or hibernating? It appears that foxes don’t go into any hibernation state and can be seen around hunting at night, however, badgers and bears will enter a state of torpor. What’s torpor?
‘Sometimes referred to as dormancy, torpor is a period in which an animal is less active and has a reduced metabolic rate and body temperature. Hibernation is, essentially, a prolonged torpid state.’
To find out more about different hibernation types and our source of information read HERE.

The template of each image of scented ornaments is designed and hand-drawn by us and then printed.


This festive candle is 100% handmade, which means it’s not only hand-decorated but also built from scratch.


This is an unscented, indoor candle.
This festive candle is approximately 12-14cm high, 11cm in diameter and weighs 1-1,2kg.
It’s made from high-quality paraffin, 12% stearic acid and the highest quality, ISO-certified, original WEDO wicks.
The festive candle has a print of three images, which is heat transferred onto it by hand.

When following instructions, this candle will burn inwards for over 60hrs and the pictures will stay intact.
Therefore, after burning, you can add a tealight candle WITHOUT the metal container and now have a beautiful lantern.

Each festive candle is packaged in a branded ready gift box with white tissue lining, a Certificate of Originality and burning instructions.
The time of completing an order is 3-4 working days (not including shipping time).



Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 15.5 cm

animals, celebrations


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