Large pillar candle FELT APPLE.

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This juicy Candle Felt Apple is decorated with differently shaped and cut apple elements handmade from felt, embroidery thread, and hand-painted with hot, coloured wax.
A candle with a reminiscent design of crisp, juicy apples filled to the brim with nostalgia of that perfect sweetness having eaten it throughout our childhoods, and still feeling that joy of finding the perfectly crunchy apple today. This candle would make a wonderful gift to a loved one who enjoys baking goods and creating delicious confectionaries like pies or jams, or to a friend who adores bright colours and fruity patterns.
Apples have a wealth of symbolism. They can symbolise knowledge, wisdom, and joy, making this candle a great thank-you teacher gift when the academic year draws to a close share your gratitude to your child’s teacher for their help, hard work, and kindness. Apple can also symbolise love and luxury, which would make this candle a great gift for a special occasion like a birthday, engagement, or milestone achievement to wish that person love and a future of luxuries.
When lit the candle creates a relaxing atmosphere, especially when the colours are tamed with only a gentle flame highlighting them, giving the room a homey, safe aura. That combined with the candle being unscented, makes it a perfect dining room companion as now scents will mix, and a perfect gift for those loved ones who have allergies, asthma, or simply dislike scents.

“(…)The earliest known mention of apples in England was by King Alfred in about 885 AD in his writings of “Gregory’s Pastoral Care”. There are several mentions of cherries being cultivated in Britain by the Romans especially in Kent due to its favourable climate and soil (…)”. Read more here to surprise your receiver with your knowledge about the first-mentioned apples.

Candle Felt Apple is an unscented indoor candle.

It is approximately 12cm high, 11cm in diameter and weighs 1- 1,2kg.
It’s made from high-quality paraffin, 15% stearic acid and the highest quality, ISO-certified, original WEDO wicks. The candle has apple elements handmade from felt, and embroidery thread, that was heat-transferred onto the candle by hand and painted with hot, coloured wax.

Check Out our workshop video here, how this unique candle was made, from project to the ready product.

Each Candle Felt Apple is packaged in a ready gift box with white tissue, a Certificate of Originality and burning instructions.
The time of completing an order is 3-5 working days (not including delivery time),
but you can contact me to ask whether a faster completion is possible.

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 15.5 cm

Blissful Greenery


Paraffin wax, Stearic acid, WEDO wicks




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