We both decided to write this blog post because we know how hard it is to find a perfect gift for someone very important to you. So, we want to help those who struggle with having those inspirations when looking for a perfect gift.
This post can be applied to purchasing any product, we’re going to focus on hand-made crafts because things made from start to finish by one person, hold a place in our hearts.
However, before we inspire you, we would like to share our ‘tips & care’ page, which is where we describe the characteristics of our candles, lanterns, and wax decorations. This is because throughout this post, we will be using our own products as examples, and you can check out the page along the way if you think something might interest you and you want to know more about it.

The Slowly Approaching Occasion

So, there’s an occasion approaching over the horizon, and whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or you just happen to love surprising people, you want to find that perfect gift. That gift will show the receiver how special to you your bond is, or show them how grateful you are that they fed your cats while you were on holiday.
And sometimes, you’ll know exactly what that is, and that’s incredible. But what if you don’t?

Choosing The Gift

Let’s say you’re at a local market where you can touch and interact with the products in front of you (rather than shopping online).
You‘re moving your gaze from one product to the next and with every single one, you’re filled with an array of thoughts.
‘Maybe I should get the candle with flower elements, she always spends hours looking after her beautiful garden. Or that candle with a sea picture? I mean, she always makes sure to go to Cornwall every year. But, which one?’
The choices can be a bit overwhelming, and you might start to get doubts and leave empty-handed. I don’t recommend that because I always regret not choosing with the task of buying a gift still looming over me. However, in that thought process, something crucial happened… You considered a gift that reflects the receiver’s personality and things they enjoyed; that’s exactly what the first step is!
That perfect meaningful gift is something that encapsulates memories, hobbies and just aspects of life you and the receiver hold dear!
Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Recall memories that you both share, her favourite colour, the things that make her eyes sparkle…
Let your mind wander for a while and then open your eyes; if something stands out then go for it because your heart’s intuition is rarely wrong.

But Nothing Seems That Special…

But nothing seems that special, and you want a gift that is a tad more specific? What if you could gift her something that is her memory, rather than simply relating to it from a ready-made product? Well, if you’re considering our products, then it’s possible!
We can work together and personalize a candle, lantern, or any wax decoration so that the gift will be incredibly unique.
Firstly, think about whether a candle, a lantern, or a wax decoration would be better. Not a lot of people know that there’s a lot to do to take care of a candle, and not everyone has the time to read all of the instructions and warnings provided by the crafter (which you can find here by the way 😉). So, if for example, the receiver has a big family, or perhaps a few pets, it might be better to get her a lantern as a gift rather than a candle. This is because you can just use LED lights to enjoy a lantern, so no one has to worry about the grand safety precautions that come with an open flame.
Once you figure that out based on what’s the best option, then you can think about what you’d like to put on that gift.
Perhaps, a candle with a picture of her beloved cat, who passed the rainbow bridge, would be a beautiful way to honour the cat’s life. Or maybe a letter? Words that came straight from the heart? It can be whatever you want; a favourite muffin recipe, lyrics from their favourite song or even a note mentioning how you two met. It can be anything.
Whatever you choose, we will put it on the product of your choice and encapsulate it in an original and unique ‘wax frame’.

A few examples of candles commission orders
A few examples of candles commission orders
A few examples of lantern commission orders
A few examples of candles commission orders

Our Memorial Collection

We both think that our memorial candles and lanterns are the most personal out of all our products. This is because they can move someone by touching their hearts, but they can also heal. These products are made to honour those who have passed and are usually gifted to those grieving.
If your friend has experienced loss and you can see that they feel as if they’ve lost a part of themselves, you might want to get them a gift that helps them slowly heal from that loss. You see, human memory can be temporary and many feel that they will forget the faces of those they’ve lost, hence pictures capturing those happy memories can become the greatest treasure.
We have now come to the end of the blog post and hopefully, we’ve helped you a little with finding inspiration. So, all this time, the most important thing was that the meaningful gift you were so worried about, was just a gift that shows the receiver that you care about them.

After all, the perfect gift is simply something you gift straight from the heart ❤

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