In our offer, you will find that only some of the small wax decorations, like generally hanging decorations or fridge magnets, are scented. In the attributes, you will find what kind of scent is available with the product you’re choosing, e.g. fresh linen.
These products are scented; they can smell nice (more or less intensive) but because they are not intended to be burn, the scent won’t spread around the house. They will create a nice smell more so in a cupboard or in a drawer, than in a big room.

If any candle has 10% of Fragrance Oil (like these decorations), it means that the scent is pretty strong. But for decorations which obviously don’t burn, the scent is nice and not too much intensive.

In general, scented candles must legally have CLP documentation. We didn’t find the information about decorations but just in case we provide CLP label with our products and additionally, if you lose your label, you will find it here. If you need allergy documentation in full, please send us an email .

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