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Actually, in our opinion, all of our products are less or more personalised. To almost all our products, you can add a dedication ‘to & from’ who that gift is. This tag is about much more personal gifts.

We encourage our customers to find a gift which could be a kind of confirmation of a bond between the giver and the receiver.
We are talking about shared memories, about acknowledging how much you know, how much you see and how much you care for your friend.

However here, for the tag meaning, we are talking about an item which includes personal information on them like any names, initials, dates, and any personal messages. When you use such information, it makes a product perfectly tailored to your friend and not anybody else.

This tag will help you to find all of the products which we can personalise. Most of them are a part of the ‘Forget-Me-Not Wishes’ collection, but not all of them, so when you filter your search by the ‘Personalised gift’ tag, you receive results of all the personalised products in our shop even those that only have engraved initials.

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  • Personalised photo candle - examples.
    Pillar candles - large

    Personalised photo candle

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  • Personalised photo lantern - examples.
    Wax lanterns - big

    Personalised photo lantern

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  • Memorial photo lantern.
    Wax lanterns - big

    Memorial photo lantern

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  • Wax ornament with a pink heart shaped pocket.
    Wax decorations - medium

    Wax ornament with a heart pocket.

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