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There are lots of elements that we use or used to decorate some of our candles, lanterns, and decorations. I am sure that some of them will surprise you more than others. Of course, image prints are also a kind of decorative element, but they have their own tag and description.

So, some of the decorative elements are: real feathers – natural and coloured; a wide range of colourful threads; tiny beads, small beads, wooden beads, pearly beads; organza ribbons, yarns; wooden buttons and melamine ones; felt elements; crotchet elements and probably more.
It’s not something ordinary to add when making candles or wax lanterns, is it?
That’s why our products are extra ordinary and unusual. There’s no chance we’ll ever be bored of making them.
This uniqueness is also the reason why you should keep small children away from candles, lanterns, and wax decorations even if they aren’t lit; there’s a choking hazard if the elements fall off, since they’re so small.

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  • Memorial photo lantern.
    Wax lanterns - big

    Memorial photo lantern

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  • Wax ornament with a pink heart shaped pocket.
    Wax decorations - medium

    Wax ornament with a heart pocket.

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Filtruj wg

Filtruj wg

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