Taper candles

These vintage-style candles are a gorgeous decoration to accompany a family dinner or a romantic evening. They are a wonderful addition to a bouquet or a box of cupcakes; a petit gift for someone you’ve been grateful for.
Taper candles have small patterns on them, which is perfect for personalising the gift depending on occasion, e.g. Christmas. Currently they will be available in the ‘Blissful Greenery’ collection. They can be placed anywhere indoors, apart from places in direct sunlight.
These candles are around 21cm high and are unscented, paraffin candles. They are sold separately only at markets, however, are sold in sets of 5 on are online shop. When they are lit, you almost lose track of time or at least that you’re in the 21st Century. Almost as they not dripping.
To read more about how to maintain a taper candle and fully enjoy it, read the safety tips in the general information here.

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  • Taper candles 'Intuitional Abstractions' - set of 4
  • Taper candle with hearts.
    Taper candles

    Taper candle with Hearts -set of 3

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