Candle collection ‘Tiny Creatures’. So tiny but they are also the largest group of animal phyla. And we need them a lot!
Even flies – yes, I know, it’s unbelievable 😉 but still.
There is no product with fly sorry unless you’ll make a commission 😉 but you’ll find cute ladybirds, beautiful butterflies and even more.

The most numerous group of inhabitants of our globe, not counting bacteria, and very important for our ecosystem. Whether living in a huge community or alone; whether a longer life or a very short life; everyone has a great mission. Without many of these creatures, life on earth would be impossible – there would be no plants that are pollinated by insects; there would be no birds that feed on insects; animals that feed on plants or other animals; nor us.
Did you know that one single tablespoon of honey took the life’s work of 36 bees? (

Large pillar candles of this collection

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