‘Days & Nights’ mini-collection was inspired by times of the day and night as well as weather conditions. Each candle is a beautiful piece of home decor during daylight and in the evening, each one will help you to create a peaceful and relaxing time after a very long day, and any of the candles placed on the table will make every dinner special.
Unscented, more friendly for allergic and asthmatics.

It is a luxury collection. Each candle is hand-carved and hand-painted with coloured wax. Very detailed and very time-consuming work but the effect is amazing.
When burning the light comes behind beautifully highlighting the colour and pattern on the candle.
And because of their luxury, each one kind of candle pattern and colour has its own name.

Any concerns? Please email us candles@floralflames.co.uk we respond as fast as it is possible.

Medium pillar candles of this collection
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