Collecting items is now available.

If collecting items is the best option for you… Good news. Yes, it is available from now. You can pick up personally your item.
If you are a local and have a car, the option of collection items is perfect for you.
3-5 days less of waiting for the package! Fast and easy and it is free of charge.
Probably you won’t even turn off your engine 😉

Melksham map
Melksham Map

Collecting items – rules.

Together we will set up the date and the time slot of 2hrs and you can pick up your package at your convenient time. And our as well.
You will receive on your email all collection details with the full address (and mobile number – just in case) and the link for offline Google Maps. If you wish, we can send you a text message reminder, or even two 😉
If you, somehow, missed it too, no worries, please contact to set up the new convenient date of collection. But after three times missed collection items we will ask you to pay the cost of the postage and after that, we will send your package to the indicated address the very next day.

You are still not sure?

It is reasonable these times. We just want to assure you that this collection item will be safe.
When you will arrive and ring the doorbell, you can stand the distance of 2 meters or even more.
Then we open the door saying ‘hi’ and we’ll put your package on the ground saying ‘thank you, good bye’ or ‘have a lovely evening’ or ‘Merry Christmas’… anyway…
Then we will close the door and you can pick up your item safe and go home.
Is like delivery but the other way around.

Probably if we hand you the bag with your package there will be still 2 meters of distance but delivery procedures work in the way above so we can do the same.

Collecting items is free and it is available only after the written agreement (including date and time slot) of both sides –
twice a week either on:

Monday 9:30am – 12:30pm or Friday 3:30pm – 6:30pm.

More about other Terms& Conditions you will find here.
More about Shipping Policy you will find here.

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